Preventing Parking Accidents Pt6 - How to Avoid Injury

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A quick real-life story today of what can happen if you have poor reversing skills. This is 100% true! My Uncle Dan works in the maintenance department at the local hospital. He is a painter by trade and although he does other work at the hospital, the major part of his job is repainting the interior of the buildings.

It is an extremely large hospital and the inside has to be repainted every six months to meet health agency standards. Several years ago, Dan was coming home tired after a
particularly hard day at work. The traffic was pretty busy and being late for dinner he knew my aunt would not be happy as their son was in a school play that evening.

Dan was beating himself up a bit over what promised to be a tense evening if he made them late for the play. So later that evening, they all jump in the car predictable late, Dan hits reverse and just as he was backing out of the driveway, Thump! He hit something.
So Dan jumps out and to his horror, realized he had hit Josh the neighbour's 3 year old. He just didn't see the boy. How does he explain this one?

He screamed for his wife to call an ambulance… and Josh was rushed to the hospital… the same one where Dan worked. Unfortunately Dan had a broken shoulder. Luckily for all involved Josh fully recovered, but naturally my uncle was devastated and has never forgiven himself.

The reality is a simple parking sensor could have prevented this whole accident from happening. To find out how, click here Parking Reverse Sensor

In Part 7 we'll discuss the ultimate tragedy, and why and how this does not need to happen.

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