Preventing Parking Accidents Pt8 - Use a Parking Sensor

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Over the past 8 guides we talked about the real life accidents and flat out tragedies that can happen when you are backing up or parking your car. As we back up on a daily basis such as when we are leaving a parking space or driveway, backing into a parking space r parallel parking, you can see the potential of parking ccidents are pretty common.

The fact is that parking accidents are 100% preventable if ou install a parking sensor on your vehicle such as the Unique, Discrete Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor. This sensor is an easy to install, invisible when fitted ensor designed to activate automatically immediately when you select reverse gear.
This unique electromagnetic technology works by detecting all objects that come within a determined range, alerting you to its proximity. It is 100% reliable and works in all kinds of weather preventing damage to your vehicle. More importantly, the PD1 can prevent you from accidentally hitting a pedestrian,
child, the elderly and seriously injuring or even killing them.

The sensor emits different audible tones based on the proximity of objects so you can react to the warning, with time to spare. The parking dynamics sensor gives you total piece of mind when parallel parking, so you don't have to worry about bumps, scrapes and nasty bangs. Parking becomes a
stress-free activity.

The parking dynamics PD1 is an inexpensive, easy to install, high performance parking sensor and will pay for itself immediately by protecting your insurance claims and
preventing any potential tragedy from becoming reality.

Shouldn't you install one on your car, today?

This is the last in our series of guides that explain why so many accidents are caused when people are parking and reversing with a poor awareness, poor skill and
poor judgement.

The Parking Dynamics PD1 parking sensor can and will give you total reversing confidence and prevent bumps, scrapes and tragic accidents!

Find out more about Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Reverse Sensor

All the best and Safe Motoring,

Parking Sensor Direct

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