Pricing a Reborn DOll

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The reborn market is now totally swamped with reborn dolls of various standards.  95% of these are 'BUY IT NOW' with some sellers setting ridiculous prices and selling work of a poor standard.  Other work is of a good standard but difficult to spot with the the way in which selling these dolls has developed.   Personally, I think this has removed all the pleasure of purchasing reborns and it is testament to selling practices when you see list after list of UNSOLD and ZERO BIDS on reborns.  So many budding amateur artists see some of the dolls who go for thousands of pounds and think they can just jump on the bandwagon.   Dolls which genuinely sell for large sums of money are usually auction items.  The artists have built up their reputations over several years but the main thing is, they have been consistent both in their standards and how often they produce their dolls.  It is rare indeed for someone to start on their first reborn, place it on ebay and within days get bids which top the magic £1000. 


But what is a fair price for a reborn?  It really depends on the quality of the finished art work and how much a buyer is prepared to pay.  All artists have to recoup their outlay costs and unfortunately, the prices of basic kits are horrendously expensive.  An artist can expect to pay £70 just for the vinyl kit.  They then need to buy expensive paints, doll body (£15.00), quality mohair (£35 for 1 oz).  IN addition there are glues, fillings, clothing and any extras.  They then need to pay for packaging, eBay selling fees and Paypal transactions.  For the artist to try and cover costs of making a doll their initial outlay is about £180.  Some buyers seem to get upset if a doll is priced over £150.  If you don't want to pay lots of money to own a finished reborn, my advice is buy a kit and do it yourself. 

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