Princess Cut Diamond Ring Buying Guide

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Princess Cut Diamond Ring Buying Guide

Princess cut diamond rings are among the most popular shapes for diamond rings. Princess cut diamonds are square or rectangular shaped diamonds with slightly pointed edges. These diamond rings are elegant, feminine, and timeless, and they make the perfect gift for an engagement or other special occasion. Because of the beauty and simplicity of design, buyers cannot go wrong when choosing a princess cut diamond ring.

Diamond rings are purchased in brick and mortar jewellery stores, or online using eBay. eBay offers thousands of princess cut diamond rings, often for a much lower price than retail stores. When shopping on eBay, buyers can find the perfect diamond ring from the comfort of their own home. By understanding the four C's of purchasing a princess cut diamond and the differences in band material, buyers can find the perfect diamond ring that fits right within their budget.

Four C's of Buying a Diamond

Before purchasing a diamond, it is important to understand the four characteristics for choosing a diamond. When choosing a princess cut diamond, some considerations are more important than others to ensure that the diamond is both beautiful and lustrous.

Diamond Colour

When purchasing a princess cut diamond, the diamond colour grading is one of the most important considerations to take into account. While diamonds come in a variety of colours, the grading scale focuses on colourless and white diamonds. Colourless diamonds are the most rare and valuable of all diamond colours. They have a grade of D, which is the highest grade on the diamond colour scale.

As the grading goes down, the amount of yellow flecks in the diamond increases. Yellow flecks in the diamond interrupt the light shining through the diamond, which make it less reflective and luminous. The lowest grade on the colour scale is Z, which represents a light yellow diamond. Although it is a low grade on the colour scale, the diamond is still beautiful to many people. Some people prefer the warm glow of the yellow diamond over a clear or white diamond.

When choosing a princess cut diamond, it is important to make sure the diamond has a medium to high colour grading. Because of the pointed edges, yellow flecks tend to gather in the edges, making them more visible than they would be in other diamond shapes. To ensure the diamond's colour is uniform, it is recommended to go with a diamond colour grading of D-I.

Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond refers to how the diamond is cut based on a style or design guide, not the actual shape. Diamond cuts include a number of facets on the diamond, which is how the light reflects off the stone. Properly cut diamonds have high lustre and shine. Poorly cut diamonds have little reflection that is easily noticeable.

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular stone cuts, especially for engagement rings. When choosing a princess cut diamond, it is important to determine the length to width ratio. Square princess diamonds will have an equal length to width ratio of 1.0, while rectangular diamonds will have a slightly longer length of 1.1 or 1.2. The shape of the diamond is based on the recipient's personal preference and style.

Diamond Clarity

The third consideration when purchasing a diamond is diamond clarity. The diamond clarity grade represents the amount of flaws and blemishes on the diamond. Almost all diamonds are born with flaws. These flaws are known as inclusions, which are internal scratches, bubbles, or flecks of other mineral material. Blemishes refer to the flaws on the surface of the diamond, which are usually a result of the cutting process. Any flaw or blemish on the diamond interrupts the passage of light through the diamond, so diamonds with higher clarity grades are more lustrous and shiny.

Flawless diamonds are the most rare and valuable diamonds, with the highest clarity rating of F. Purchasing a flawless diamond, however, is not necessary, since many flaws and blemishes cannot be seen with the naked eye. Only diamonds with the lowest grade on the clarity grading scale typically have any noticeable flaws.

Diamond Carat

Diamond carat refers to the weight of the diamond in a particular jewellery piece. If there are multiple diamonds in the piece, the carat weight represents the total weight of all of the diamonds. Large diamonds are much rarer and more valuable than small diamonds, so larger diamonds tend to be more expensive. Since princess cut diamonds usually feature one large diamond, they may be more expensive than rings with multiple small diamonds.

By purchasing a diamond with a slightly lower carat weight, such as 0.75 to 0.99 carats instead of 1.0 to 1.24 carats, the price is often lower without a significant size difference. Carat weight should be decided based on style and budget. Someone who wears larger jewellery may prefer a large statement ring, while others prefer the grace and feminine beauty of a smaller stone.

Choosing a Band Metal

Once the consumer understands the four C's of buying a diamond, the next step is to choose a band metal. When purchasing a diamond ring many people decide to go with a precious metal, which includes gold, silver, and platinum. Other metals do not tend to last as long as precious metals, and since diamonds have such a long lifespan, it is important that the band material lasts just as long as the stone.


Gold is considered the most traditional, classic choice for diamond rings. Known for its rarity and lustre, gold is the perfect complement to any diamond. When used in jewellery, pure gold must be mixed with different alloy metals since it is too soft in its pure form. The alloy metals mixed with gold determines the colour of the gold. Yellow and rose gold match best with warmer skin tones, while white gold matches almost every skin tone. The chart below shows the three most popular gold colours, the alloy metals mixed with each, and the hue each type of gold produces.

Type of Gold

Alloy Metals


Yellow gold

Usually zinc or aluminium

bright, yellow gold

Rose gold


Reddish, pink gold that gets more red over time

White gold

Higher levels of zinc or aluminium

White, similar to silver or platinum; often platinum or rhodium plated

When choosing a gold ring, carat weight is another factor to take into account. 24 carat gold has the highest amount of pure gold, and the weight goes down as the amount of pure gold decreases. Due to the higher amount of pure gold, 24 and 22 carat gold tends to be softer than 18 or 14 carat gold, which means the jewellery has a greater chance of scratching or bending.


Like white gold, silver matches almost every skin tone, and is also one of the most affordable precious metals. Silver is a white metal, known for its lustre and shine. Silver is also mixed with alloy metals because of its softness, but will keep its white colour regardless of the alloy mixture.

Fine silver has the highest amount of pure silver, but also risks a higher chance of scratching or bending. When purchasing diamond rings, many people choose to go with sterling silver, which is 92.5 per cent pure silver, and 7.5 per cent mixed alloy metals. Sterling silver is considered the most affordable and durable option when purchasing a precious jewellery metal.


Platinum is considered the most rare and lustrous of all precious metals, including gold. Platinum is the hardest of the precious metals, but still contains a small percentage of alloy metals. In order for a piece of jewellery to be considered platinum, it must contain at least 95 per cent pure platinum. Pieces with less platinum are considered platinum-alloy. Despite the expensive cost, the popularity of platinum is increasing for diamond and engagement rings.

How to Purchase a Princess Cut Diamond Ring on eBay

eBay offers a large selection of princess cut diamond rings, which makes it easy to find the perfect ring for you. Princess cut rings come in different styles from vintage to modern, all of which can be found on eBay. To being your search, you can start with the use of keywords on the eBay home page. You can start by searching 'princess cut diamond ring' to see all of the different options or prices. eBay also makes it easy to narrow results by colour or colour grade and carat weight, if you already know what you are looking for.

Another benefit of shopping on eBay is being able to easily stay within your budget. eBay allows you to enter your price maximum, to ensure you do not waste time searching through options outside of your price range. On eBay you will never feel pressure to overspend to find the perfect ring.


When choosing a diamond ring, the hundreds of options may seem overwhelming. However, princess cut diamonds are beautiful, simple diamond shapes that are sure to wow the recipient. Princess cut diamonds are known for their feminine beauty and grace, making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Another way to save money when purchasing a ring is to determine the ring size before making a purchase. Ring sizing guides are available online, and save the buyer from having to resise the ring for an additional cost.

Before purchasing a diamond ring as a gift, the recipient's personal style should be considered. If the recipient generally wears silver or white gold jewellery, white gold, silver, or platinum would be the best option for a diamond ring. Those who wear gold may prefer a rose gold or yellow gold ring. Some people prefer colourful jewellery, so a pink or yellow diamond may be ideal. Regardless of personal style, a princess cut diamond ring makes an unforgettable gift.

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