Print your own postage stamps no more queuing at the PO

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Sellers can now print there own postage stamps with Paypal and the Post office online. I started to do this as soon as it came available, So much easyer and quicker to do it all at home and spend less time in the post office. WRONG!! it quickly became clear to me that local post office staff have apserlutly no idea how to handle pre-paid packages, at one local post office the staff tried to scan them into there computer system and weigh them all over again, at another they refused to take them becos they said they wouldnt get paid for handling them. And at another the staff stamped them so hard that items were damaged. I got so fedup with there total incompedence. I went direct to the sorting office they were so nice and helpfull and I was in and out in seconds so thats what I do all the time now go direct to the sorting office and cut out the idiots at the post office. Please vote for this guide below. Thanks. Phil.

Update  07/05/2009 I recently went back to my local post office in Winchester to see if things have improved since my last visit over a year ago, to my utter disappointment things most certainly have not improved at all they are all still the most incompedent miserable bunch of idiots I have ever met, but now they are worried about there jobs cos most people do everything online, no wonder with there attitude they dont deserve to have jobs!!!!

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