Pro Boot sizing

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First off there are 3 different types of Pro boots.

The red lined original ones which although they are the best should be avoided as they had a 5-10 year shelf life before the soles started crumbling and as they haven’t been made since about 2000 are all past their sell by date.

The Cambrelle lined ones I have no experience of.

The grey lined GoreTex ones are the latest type but the sizing on them is a bit on the strange size especially the width fittings.

Pro Boots have always come in three width sizes, small medium and large so for any given size such as a size 10 you will have size 10S, 10M and 10L. With the original red lined ones the 10M was a standard 10, with the grey lined ones a 10L seems to be slightly narrower so if you have wide feet they will not fit you. On top of this whoever is now making them has made the opening through which you insert your foot incredibly small and tight so they are not the easiest boots to put on anymore. A friend who wears size 9 narrow shoes struggles to put on a pair of 10L Pro Boots.

As the S and M sizes are so narrow the MoD sells a lot of these off and if you look you will notice a lot of Ebayers only list the shoe size and not the width fitting so unless they tell you what the width fitting is I advise you to stay away as they will probably be S width fittings that don’t seem to fit anyone.
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