Pro Soundcards dont get ripped off, dont buy from Ben

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After winning what seemed like a bargain (well a bargain in my eyes anyway), it turned out to be nothing but a nightmare.

On the 23rd of June 08, I won a Pro Soundcard from member 'xtream08' (100% feedback, but on small little purchases, seems to be racking up feedback), with promises of good feedback for my good contact and quick payment to the seller. Unfortunately after about 2 weeks nothing arrived, then started a slew of excuses. "I've been working, sorry will post asap" etc. etc. etc. After 3 emails promising to post, still nothing.

Then after 3 weeks contact stopped, after I mentioned legal action I started to get emails from someone claiming to be the sellers wife, "Oh sorry, my husbands ill, food poisoning" etc. etc. etc. and still nothing. The seller never informed me of him sticking the item in the post, any email if at all was a case of "Has your card arrived"?

Here's an example!

i had NO intention WHAT SO EVER of Ripping you off and quite frankly im quite upset that you would think that! i have been very unwell and as a result my wife tryed to deal with things on my behalf. During the transaction we spoke seeral times and i thought you were a decent guy and i kinda hoped you thought the same about me i have NEVER ripped anyone off and i do not intend to start now! now lets sort this out.. Has your card arrived.

How can it arrive if A: It doesn't exist B: Never been posted. When I started to ask for proof of postage, or more to the point proof that the item even existed in the first place, or a refund, all mail contact form xtream08 stopped. What made things worse is that in the few emails I did revceive the seller was almost trying to insinuate that I was pulling a fast one on him.

I've read around these guides and reviews and it all fits a pattern, you pay up, get fed one excuse after another, after the weeks roll by you still have nothing to show for it. If you ever see auctions from xtream08 a Ben Wild of Cramlington, Northumberland. Do yourself a favour and avoid him like the plague, you wont be in my position of a large hole in the bank account!

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