Problem Writing a Guide especially with images

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Problem Writing an eBay Guide

Do you want to write an eBay guide and you have problems? You get funny messages from eBay especially when you add images?

Then this is a guide for you!
The eBay Guide Description
An eBay guide is a text which is created by an eBay user in order to provide useful information to other members, sellers or buyers.
It is basically an HTML page which can include all the usual html tags like h1, h2... <img> <b> <p> <br> and so on
A sample guide would be coded like this:

How to Troubleshoot when you get alerts from eBay, for invalid html code

If your browser is a new generation one, then you probably see the guide, in a wysiwig area as you wite it, which means that you don't have to write any code, but you just use the controls and buttons provided by the eBay editor. In such a case if you get errors while trying to publish your guide you must check your html source for problems. Go to the options menu of your browser, and deactivate Javascript. Then click the refresh button. You will now be able to see the html source of your guide. In order to find and fix problems you must be able to read and write using HTML. You can find relevant html guides if you visit htmlgoodies or other sites.

Hint: You can copy html from any browser to your wysiwyg eBay editor, without copying the page source.

If your browser is an older generation one you may only see the guide as html code, without having the functionality of the wysiwyg editor. You will have to write the html code youself, or copy and paste it from an html editor like the one offered from the Mozilla foundation.

Try to use newer generation browsers to prevent most of the problems publishing a guide.

TroubleShooting Images

You will find sometimes that you get error messages when you try to add a picture to your guide. Note that images included in eBay guides must ALWAYS be hosted by eBay. Most probably you are getting the error because you try to add an image not hosted by eBay or because your browser includes the ilo-full-src TAG. Use the javascript deactivation method described above and then find the whole ilo-full-src tag and remove it, leaving only the src tag. If you haven't uploaded the images yet, then use the picture link provided by eBay, or go to your MyEbay page, picture services (or picture manager) and upload the pictures you want. Write down the ebay address of every image you upload to be able to use them in your guide later.
After you have donew everything press preview and most probably it will work right.

This is a problem mainly with Mozilla / Firefox Browsers.

For any questions and suggestions you can send me a message through eBay. Thank you and I hope you found this guide useful!

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