Problem solving with ebay.

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Welcome to my second guide! This is a Q and A to help you if a problem arises, If theres something you want to know just email me and Ill gladly help.

Q1. My item hasn't turned up, what do I do?

1st have you contacted the seller? Always give good communication with your seller thats the whole point of ebays messaging service. The seller IS responsible for items lost in the post, alot of ebayers seem to put "I am not resposible for items lost in the post" Oh yes they are! Go to paypal and open a dispute for item not recieved, wait for the seller to reply after abit of time raise the dispute further, by then the seller usually gets in touch and if no tracking number is given you are given a refund by paypal.

If you are very worried that the item you won and pad for is a scam raise the dispute ASAP, if the sellers is no longer registered do the same. Do remember if they are no longer registered its not always for scamming ect, it could be for non payment of ebay fees and they could be back on ebay with in days.

Remember to be polite a seller wont help you if you send them abuse via email, this could resort in YOU being kicked off ebay.

My item isnt what I won, what do I do?

Contact the seller, alot often refund for items misdescribed, give them time to respond then if no avail then open an item misdescribed dispute, dont close untill your happy. You will need to show proof the item is not what you won. Always send the item back Trackable for 70p its worth it to cover your back!

If the items yo recieve are fake contact your seller, report to ebay and contact trading standards.

How long should I wait to open a dispute in paypal?

No more then 45 days thats your paypal limit.

I have sold an item but they buyer has not paid.

You have to wait 7 days if no payment or contact by then open a non paying winner dispute on ebay, 7 days after that if no payment is recieved you will be granted FVF by ebay and you can close the dispute (make sure theres a little blue tick next to the dispute). Also If the buyer has not replied in the dispute you will be able to leave negative feedback with out them doing the same to you.

I can't sell, Theres a problem with the ebay list your item form!

This is a well known problem from ebays glitch system, best thing you can do is download turbo lister 2, its easy and fast and will upload all your items in 1 go! Go on ebay click help and search turbo lister.

I've sold a very expensive item but the address is unconfirmed on the paypal payment, what do i do?

Unconfirmed means the address and card on file doesnt match, if the card they used to pay for your item is reported stolen they will recieve a refund and your item wont be returned.

Always send items recorded for your own back.

  • Never send to a different country then the ebay/paypal address.
  • Keep in contact with your seller buyer
  • Keep feedback calm and factual, leaving feedback in the heat can result in the other person having it removed and your stays!
  • Always check the payment you recieve is in paypal, some emails can be faked
  • Remember ebay never has involvement in items EG "Ebay is keeping my money untill they recieve a tracking number for my item" Total bull dont trust anything like that.
  • Always check your sellers feedback
  • Read descriptions fully
  • If picking up items check carefully before taking them away
  • Remember if you buy anything new the warranty is invalid as ebay is a third party and your not covered.

Thanks and good luck!

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