Problems with starting your mini moto

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WE all know that mini motos are very good at winding people up whene they don't start. You will find this can be for a number of reasons:

  • Flooding-too much fuel to the engine
  • No cog pawl contact-no chance of starting it!
  • Underusage/left for long periods of time-can become worse

Flooding - First of all, you will notice a white fuel switch which can be turned either way to cut the fuel flow.

Vertical= Off


Always turn the switch so that it is horizontal immediately after usage


Flooding - If it won't start, find the screw at the bottom of the Carburettor, and let it drain. Screw it b ack in, most fuel lines bring the fuel in quickly, so leave the switch on for 3-4 seconds and then close it and then you should pull on the pullstart.once it is running, rev it a couple of times in short bursts and then turn the switch on permanently. npw you should try to avoid slowing down too much, and also it's a bad idea to rev it a t low speeds, because it's likely it will flood again.

Underusage - you will find the choke switch behind the airfilter. It is metal and resonably discreet, but is visible.this should be switched upwards to choke the engine, which means their will be next to little airflow (you will find it goes nowhere). this should start it.

No Cog Pawl contact- You wil find there is no  noise or air coming through the exhaust - your best bet is to buy a new one - replacing the system takes ages and is too easy to mess up.

I hope you find this information helpful. please tell me what you think!

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