Professional BANNER Stands (custom) from A2B Outdoor

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A2B Outdoor banner stands are probably quite good. However their emails and customer service leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. Once they have what they want they'll then not give you what agreed to, spinning out the process for months, threatening you with a libel lawsuit (not that a letter from their solicitor will ever arrive) & harangue you with repeated phone calls should you write about your experiences online.

The same company also does taxi advertising (and the magnetic signs for them) which they have done for the last 12 months. Their only product on ebay (going for ~£145) is listed here - A2B Outdoor banner stands . If someone would like to read more about my experience please search Yahoo or Google for A2B Outdoor assuming they haven't tried censoring any negative websites with threats of legal action if they don't take down any negative comments about the business from the internet.

Maybe this is why their previously 100% positive ebay feedback has dropped to 90%.      
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