Projector no Lamp

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A lot of people would like a large screen maybe for that cinema experience or playing games on or just watching the football but whatever the reason thay are still pretty expensive the lamps on there own are between 200 300 pounds not cheap so if your like me you will try to cut corners and for the price of a new lamp and 50/100 pounds a 2 grand projector seems attractive and theres plenty of adds that read

 The Projector most probably requires a new Lamp

We briefly tested this unit to make sure it powered on which is did. Other than that no other testing has been done due to no Lamp

best of my knowledge this projector is in;working order once the lamp has been replaced and as such are offering no guarantees on it.

 now i have a little bit of electrical knowledge and have bought four of these projectors from ebay only to find that its not the lamp thats gone its the ballast that drives the lamp.                                           you will normally find that these sellers deal in these pjs and are often selling lamps seperate you have to ask yourself why dont thay put them together and sell for a lot more,

do you know that metal halide lamps very rarely blow as they reach the end of there life they just get dimmer dimmer

so ask yourself why no lamp

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