Promoting your RSS Feed with Feedburner

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Feedburner is an amazing site which allows you to really make your RSS feed worth viewing and also worth subscribing to.

Feedburner is completely free to sign up to, and once you are registered you can instantly start to spice up your RSS feed.

The Pro features which you used to have to pay for are now free to all users who sign up, which is very useful to keep track of your stats in Real Time. You can also add a few other features which will be explained further on in this article.

Once you have an RSS Feed that you wish to promote, you can start burning it at Feedburner. The feed section is split up into different categories. You can publicize, monetize, or advertise your RSS Feed with a load of different options and addons for your feed.

You can add things such as button links to your site which will give your users more options to subscribe to the site’s RSS Feed. You can view some of this buttons in action by looking to your right.

Feedburner also have a great feature in which you can offer email subscription to your RSS Feed. I have this on my site, so make sure you enter your email address to stay up to date with my articles, downloads and more on my site as soon as they become available. Feedburner sends these emails to the user, and they will send everyday unless no content is added to the site, meaning no email.

There are loads of other features too for users to have fun with, such as the ability to add a pretty header image banner on the top of your RSS Feed. This image will be automatically clickable and link to a page of your choice, preferably the home page of your website which the feed belongs to.

Feedburner is also part of Google. This means that you can integrate your Google Adsense account with your Feedburner account. This will allow you to add Google Advertisements into your RSS feed. The adverts that Feedburner suggests for you are small adverts, but they are in positions that are likely to receive clicks, and a lot of impressions for your Adsense Account. These ads can be coloured and resized to what you want to display them as too.

There is also a small button which keeps track of how many subscribers you have. You can view mine by looking to your right. It’s the small red button image that is animated. This will update daily and display your current amount of subscribers to your RSS Feed. This also includes people who have subscribed to your Feed via Email Subscription, and people who have used the buttons which you may have added to your website.

When you start your Feedburner account you can choose your extension name for your Feed URL. The URL is However, Feedburner offers the ability to use your own subdomain or completely separate domain for your Feed’s URL. This is useful for search engines and to also keep your feed unique to your website while still using the features that Feedburner supplies.

This site is completely free to sign up to, and will stay free with unlimited usage and RSS Feed subscribers. If you are a blogger attempting to make money online or simply to advertise your Blog or RSS Feed to make it more popular, I highly suggest you register for this site as it will help you a lot.

Check out Feedburner for yourself @

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