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How to reproof your tent

Don't panic if your tent starts leaking even if it's a new one they can all leak.

You’ll be able to make your tent waterproof whether you are at home or on a campsite, reproofing materials come with full instructions, and are available at most decent camping or outdoor shops. We recommend Granger's FABSIL

1. Ensure that the fabric is clean, Shake Fabsil can well and pour into a suitable container.

2. Apply with a clean paintbrush using long,even strokes.

3. Lightly rub in any droplets that form with soft, clean cloth.

4. Allow to completely dry before exposure to rain or dew.

And don’t forget you can inadvertently decrease the water resistance of your tent yourself. Detergents are designed to allow water to penetrate grease and muck so it can be washed away. If you allow detergent on to your tent it will do the same thing and let water in. As a result, don’t let children blow bubbles round the tent (if they ‘pop’ on the fabric you could find a damp patch later) and avoid drying wet towels on the side of your tent (there’s every chance some detergent will be left from the towel’s last time in the washing machine).

It's always a good idea to have an emergency repair kit for your tent

If you have room to pack it, here is a short list of useful items that will help if you have a problem with your tent or indeed other camping kit.

Roll of 'gaffer' tape
Spare pole section
Self-adhesive tent patches
Needle, thimble and strong thread
Eyelet kit with punch and eyeleting tool
Spare guy lines and fittings
Tube of seam sealant
Aerosol reproofing spray
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