Proper feeding of the aquarium fish

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Proper feeding of the aquarium fish has a major influence on their health and fitness. At the same time it is important not only that the food was varied and balanced, it is also important the amount and method of feeding.

The behavior of fish, their habits and temperament has a significant impact on the selection of food and method of feeding. In our aquariums we have species that feed exclusively from the surface, feed exclusively in the water and those that are looking for food at the bottom. Have that on mind we should give the food in such a way that each of them had access to it. Otherwise, you may find that - for example - bold fish staying at the surface of the water will ate most food and for the rest will be only leftovers. In a word, some fish will overeat and others will starve. 
To avoid this situation, we need to arrange food in such way that each species had access to it. For example, for fish feeding at the surface of the water we use food that slowly falling down, while for bottom feeders quite opposite.
The most common mistake committed by beginners is overfeeding the fish. This is reflected negatively on their health - too much food is even worse than its deficiency.
It is difficult to say exactly how much food daily fish should be getting. It depends on many factors: the number of fish in the aquarium, their individual needs, age - young individuals, especially fry should get more food than the old ones - and even from the temperature of the water, because the metabolism of the fish depended on it.
Maybe I should not say this, but in any case, the amount of food must be determined by trial and error. If the fish do not eat all the food and some left at the bottom it means that we give them too much. We can generally assumed that one time amount of food that the fish are able to eat in 3-5 minutes is just right. Remember that the younger fish, the more often you need to feed them and for adults just two meals a day will be enough.

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