Prophet 5 synthesizer and other scams

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I just fell for this scam - hook, line and sinker. The guy was selling a Prophet 5 at £450 (too good to be true). In retrospect I should have seen all the signs but was fooled because the "seller" had hacked into a powersellers account with huge feedback. I didn't know that was possible till now.

Here are some details:
1) The seller was registered in the US but selling in London.
2) Encouraged customers not to use the Ebay communication system and proposed this email address:

Today, for example, he's using, or

3) Only accepted payment by Western Union
4) Was really prepared for my questions - answered my enquiry about the specific model. He knew  which model had most market value. Actually he had all the answers to my questions ready...
5) I proposed sending someone to try the keyboard and paying cash. He refused. His reply was extremely defensive and geared towards making me feeling sorry about not trusting him. This is what he said:

I want to take this opportunity to assure you that this deal is as legitimate as it could possible be.I have a familly, 2 kids, that means I would not risk anything to put them in danger or something like that for that kind of money, I have a career, I am a person of honour and a serious seller and I don't see any reason for not respecting you as I did with the other customers, Why should I be different with you ??? It makes no sense... I earned my money through hard work in this life and I don't force you to do anything that you won't like, at this price I can find easy another customer. I can guaratee you that you will be more than satisfied and be sure we will do more business in the future. I won't risk my career, my freedom and my future for anything in the world!!!
I would rather close this deal with other person than to know that you'll be very stressed hoping that I am a honest person, until you receive your package. Your peace of mind is a lot more important than this deal!!!
Building a long-lasting relationship with my customers means building trust.
Advertising and marketing efforts create interest and will initially pave the way, but the results are the core of my success in this tough business enviroment.
To be competitive on a highly dynamic market I must find new ways of improving quality of my products/services and reduce costs. Western Union payment services and FedEx delivery services are an excellent way to achieve a high level of profesionalism with a great impact on the results of our trade.Please take into consideration my past experience with diffrent commercial services and the advantage gained from avoiding commercial charges and hidden costs. These are not neglijable aspects of our transaction and they allow me to offer you
excellent products and services bellow the market value. If you decide not to go through with it there is no problem. I got quite a few offers left. Get back to me and let me know what you decide. Thank you for your time and interest. Whatever you decide I wish you good luck.

6) He offered to end the auction and sell the item outside Ebay:

Ok, I will end the autcion. Please allow up to 72 hours for delivery after payment details are received, however you will get tracking information in the meantime, you will have a 15 day inspection period, so if you are not satisfied with the product, you can send it back and get a full refund. To locate the closest western union agency to you,  please go at and use from their site, the "find agent location option", after that go to that location with cash and id Please send the payment by western union to:
 E8 1HH
Please advice after payment is done, as well please email me the following infos : MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), full name and address, of the money sender, the local payout amount in GBP.
 Please advice the operator that you are sending money to an old friend, if you advice it`s for a international business, I will have to pay here sales tax of 18 %, and I can`t afford that. Thanks for understanding, and nice doing business with you. I will wait for the payment details..
Best Regards

Was I an idiot or not? Yes indeed. I was blinded by my enthusiasm for the deal, was extremely busy at that time and decided to risk it. Bummer - I lost £450 and will never get it back. It won't change my life but I am really pissed off right now.

Searching through Ebay I saw lots of similar ads - many of them are for musical instruments, computers and photography gear. They all resemble my case. 

BEWARE of these criminals - they know how to hack into legitimate accounts!!!

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