Protect Your Children At Christmas - Letters from Santa

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Be Safe At Christmas !

Hi, and thank you for taking the time out to read my Guide.

Protect Your Children at Christmas - Letters from Santa. 

For 10 years now I have been writing Letters from Santa Clause for my daughter, this year she will be celebrating her 11th Christmas.  Nowadays I have another 3 to write - for my eldest son, my second daughter and my youngest son who is going to experience his first !

Running my shop, PromoFobs, on eBay got me thinking that I might share a few of my ideas and designs and write letters for other children.


It was then that it dawned on me the information that mums and dads, possibaly even you are submitting online regarding children.

We all get tied up in the 'Punchy Titles' and the 'Great Prices' that eBay has to offer and forget that we are passing on details all about our children; Address, Name, Friends Names, Pet Names, to name but a few.

I have tried to address a few issues that may have crossed your mind and questions you may be asked when buying letters from santa...


1. When giving your childs address:

Request that only the first line of the address be put on the envelope to the child, and then mailed in another envelope to a friend or relative.


2. The part of the letter that reads "Rudolph and I are looking forward to visiting you in (TOWN)"

 Simply ask that "December" be entered here


3. Naming Friends

Give "Common Names" of friends, Clair, Michelle, John, Steven or even a Relatives Pets Name.


4. Your Childs Name

Just give a Christian / First Name


These are just a few of the questions you may be asked, and you may find that all eBay sellers are safe, but you never know.

Another thing is to get to know the seller,

 Look through their feedback,

Ask questions - "How long have you been selling Letters from Santa ?"

If a seller doesn't want to answer your questions then look elsewhere.

If you are not sure then again look elsewhere.

In my listings I even provide my phone number so that Mums and Dads, Aunts, Uncles or even Grandparents can call to ask questions !

REMEMBER - eBay sellers are not Police checked !

I hope this Guide dosn't place too much of a dampener on this Magical time of the year


 I sincerely hope this has answered a few issues that may have concerned you.

There are some great designs and authentic ideas avalable and I'm sure your child will be delighted.

Watch out for "Mass Produced" and "Cheap" productions, enter specific keywords into ebay's browser:

Unique Letters from Santa

Babys First Letter from Santa

Traditional Letters from Santa

Last Christmas "Letter from Santa" returned 450 results.

and "Personalised Letters from Santa" returned 315

I wish I could see the face of every child that received a Letter from Santa, that I had posted. 

I'll have to settle with my four happy faces opening theirs !


Well, may I wish you the Warmest of Wishes


the Merriest of Christmas's





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