Protect Your Paypal Accounts - Don't Get Robbed!

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Just recently there's been an avalanche of stupid emails circulating from supposed paypal administration requesting your contact details again since they need to be verified.

These emails are sent by hackers wanting your information so that they can hack your paypal account and send payments etc. Please be careful

Your Name

First of all. If the email is written to "Dear Paypal user" or "Dear user" this is definately a spoof email. Whenever paypal writes to you personally they'll always include you name either in the subject line or in the opening sentence.

Your Name & Password

Yep, we all do it. We all use the same username and password for everything. Even I'm guilty! If there's one account where I'd change the password details it would be paypal. Think about it. If you sign up for something on the net or join a club etc you're probably going to have to provide a new username and password. Now, the people that own this website normally have full access to your login details and can generally second guess that your login details for their site will probably be the same as your paypal login details.

To conclude. we all use the same usernames and passwords for everything. Just make sure that your paypal one isn't!

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Thanks and good luck!

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