Protect Yourself Against Items Not Recieved

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One of the tricks that some people get up to is claiming that they have not recieved the item you have sent

Item Not Recieved

You have packed up the item and posted it to the buyer. A week or so later the buyer gets in touch to say that they have not recieved the item. Can you proove that they have? If the answer to that is yes, then great. If the answer is no, then be wary.

It is very easy for someone to turn round and say that they have not recieved somthing, even though they have. That way they get a refund from you and have the item!

I am going to talk about the mail system in the UK, so if you are from outside of the UK, it would be worth checking to see if your postal service offered somthing similar.

What can you do to protect yourself? that is very easy, use recorded or signed for delivery, it costs less than £1 more and you can reflect that in the cost of the postage you charge your seller.

Now if they claim that they havn't recieved your item, you can verify it on Royal Mail's website with the tracking number. If in fact they have not recieved it, you also have the proof to make a claim from Royal mail for losing your item. Unless you pay for enhanced compensation, you can claim up to £34.

Item Not as Described

The other trick people get up to is claim that somthing is not as described. How can you protect your self from that? Firstly make sure that your description is accurate and if possible with photos. Secondly, just as you are about to pack it up, you could always take another picture of it next to the packaging you are going to use, preferabley with the buyers name and address. It will all help if you ever have to defend yourself against an Item not as descirbed claim.

What about if you are the buyer and you have not recieved the Item or it is not as described? I have written a guide on what to do if you recieve a fake item, but all the principles are the same. That guide can be read by CLICKING HERE

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