Protect Yourself From Identity Theft - eBay Can Help!

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Never been a victim of identity theft? You will be soon...


This guide is essential to read for anyone using eBay. More and more these days, people are being unwittingly stolen from over the internet. This has almost happend to myself in the last week. Luckily, I contacted eBay immediatly and no harm has been done. You must be aware of these thieves and how they can potentially ruin your life.

Unfortunatly, there are a number of dishonest people on the net that look for ways to steal from the majority of us honest folk. This cannot be allowed! There are simple steps that eBay offer to protect you from online fraud - please be aware of them.

Recently, I was targeted by these online crooks as they sent me an email (supposidly from eBay) claiming that there had been a violation of my eBay account and some unusual activity had been noticed. Apparently my bank had contacted eBay and this situation was to be immediatly resolved or I could face a fine. Luckily, I did not respond to the email. I thought it seemed a bit odd because I go to my bank on a regular basis and they had not mentioned anything - also, i checked my statements and I could not spot anything unusual. At this point I realised that I was probably being targeted. I used the eBay resources to help decide if it was really a 'spoof' email, and guess what... IT WAS!

It was thanks to eBay that this issue has been resolved quickly and safely, and I would like to recommend that all members check out eBays' 'spoof' email criteria sooner rather than later. Your time is coming so be ready!

Follow this link to the pages you should read:


Thanks, and good luck!


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