Protect and Survive: How To Tell A Real Copy

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Buying a genuine copy of Protect and Survive

NOTE: The images in this guide are just examples, and do should not be taken to imply that any specific auction is not genuine.

So you want to buy a real copy of "Protect and Survive"? Seen a "might be the real thing" copy on eBay and wonder if it's real? This guide should help you work out whether you're looking at the real thing, or a copy. As well as owning a genuine copy (whose history I know), I've been to the National Archives in Kew and examined genuine copies of both editions, as well as the original artwork for them. This guide should give you some idea what to look out for.

1. The Description

It seems obvious, but does the description say something like "Brand new - Might be a real copy" or "I think it's probably quite old"?  Think about it.

2. The Colour

Is it white text on a brown-orange gradient background?  Both editions (1975/6 and 1980) had bright white text on the cover. Neither edition had orange text.

3.The Font

Does the top end of the 'C' in PROTECT line up with the bar of the T?  If it doesn't - then it's almost certainly not real.

Is the hole in the centre of the 'O' long, or squashed? The original has a tall centre.

4. Distance from the Logo to the Subtitle

How far is the text at the bottom from the circle (with the family in it)? It should be about 1.5x the height of the text.

Overall, make sure the copy looks crisp and clean. The real thing has a slightly glossy cover and was professionally litho-printed in two colours: orange and black on bright white paper. The staples are standard 'silver' ones you see in magazines; they will only have rusted significantly if the booklet has been stored in a damp place.

This subject is becoming increasingly popular, and people know they can charge high amounts for what amounts to 8 sheets of A4 paper, so be careful. Use your better judgement and don't pay over the odds for a photocopy or badly-designed copy. Good luck!

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