Protecting Comics During Posting/Shipping v1.0

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Protecting Comics During Posting/Shipping v1.0

The aim of this guide is to provide information to maintain the condition of a comic during postage/shipping.

The possible hazards during posting are:



Water damage


Keeping Your Books Flat

The best way to transport a comic book is to place it between two pieces of cardboard, the cardboard should be cut slightly larger(1) than the book being posted but small enough to fit in the envelope being used for shipping.

Card from photocopier paper box or computer peripherals box is very suitable as it is normally thin, light and ‘stiff’. 

If this card is not available, a piece of corrugated card can be used to keep the book flat and a thinner card from a breakfast cereal box on the other side of the book will protect the book from writing indentations

The size of the book is ideal to rest papers if the post person has to write something the pressure of the pen will mark the book this is especially visible on books with ‘glossy‘covers

Dedicated backing boards are not stiff enough to provide protection during it’s journey through the mail system even when used in multiples.


Preventing Water Damage

Enclosing the comic in a plastic bag will protect it from water damage, some people recommend placing the bagged book in another plastic bag for increased protection.


Extra Info

As there are different companies producing comic protection supplies, which are of unique sizes.  Also collectors have different sealing methods for their books.

Bagging and boarding a book for storage prior to shipping, can be a waste of materials as it may be incompatible with the system being used by the buyer.

Safety Notice

Please take the relevant precautions associated with sharp tools when cutting cardboard

Any comments about this guide are welcome

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(1) Some people recommend that two sizes of card should be used, one bigger than the comic being posted the second being smaller the edge of the smaller boards should be approx 4mm from the spine allowing the shape of the spine to be maintained. 


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