Protecting yourself as a Buyer on eBay as a newbie

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Welcome to eBay, if you are reading this you have done the hard part, and have registered to buy on eBay!

Sometimes to remember, which hopefully should make your experience on eBay pleasurable - and safe.

When purchasing something have a  Good look at the seller!
Check their feedback , you can sort on the right hand side into month, or year and then read their feedback comments for anything adverse.  However, keep these in proportion, 100 negs in 10000 transactions  (1% unhappy buyer rate) is far better than 1 neg in 75! (1.333% unhappy buyers).

Remember that feedback is optional - why has the negative, neutral been left?  Is it retalitory?  or Deserved?

Check the postage rate , if they quote postage at sellers standard rate, question what that is.  There postage might seem cheap against someone charging you first class recorded delivery/special delivery - but they might only be using second class postage and pocketing the difference!  Also, it is worth paying slightly more, for a better service, so your item is not lost in post.  Check also what the seller does if an item is lost

Is there a returns policy?
 What happens if it doesn't fit?  A refund less a restocking fee can prevent you being completely out of pocket when you purchase something which arrives and then is unsuitable.  However, do not abuse those sellers who are flexible enough to accept returns - can you exchange for instance?

Are they members of a group?  Aces, - association of Committed eBay sellers have a minimum code of conduct which all members have to adhere too - it is a non fee paying group, which is self moderated, but you are guaranteed an excellent customer service experience.  Click on the Aces banner in my About Me page for more information

Preventing scamming, if you see a seller who has lots of items to list at an unbelievable price, such as laptops for £100, question it, especially if they do not accept paypal - remember with any other payment method (apart from credit card) you get no buyer protection.  Dodgy sellers will accept cheques and Postal orders in preference to Paypal, as you as a buyer will not have a leg to stand on - so if something seems to good to be true - it probably is.....

Check out other sellers, have they the same product?  Better customer service?  The good thing with eBay is that there are very few "one offs" which never are listed again.

Check your address details are correct on eBay...

And, does the seller refund you if your parcel doesnt arrive?  Some sellers will send the parcel and if it is lost, leave you to sort it out.  Certainly with business on eBay, they have to adhere to the distance selling regulations - so the seller is responsible for getting the parcel to you.

Hope this helps.

Kindest wishes and happy eBaying
Suz xx

PS- If you are new to eBay and need some help purchasing from me, drop me a mail through my messages and I will happily talk you through it.

Ps -Please vote to let me know if you find these interesting - so I know if I should add more! Ta
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