Prove your international package has been received!!!

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A big problem for eBay sellers is when they send items abroad and the buyer says they have not received when they have. Usually the buyer always gets there cash back and there is nothing you can do about it because when tracking international post through Royal Mail it only says item is in the country destination and does not show that it has been received by buyer. This means that when the buyer files a claim eBay goes in there favour as they only check royal mail tracking. There are a lot of foreign scammers that are aware of this and manage to get away with ripping off genuine sellers all the time. You can make sure this does not happen to you by following this guide.I had this happen to me by a Lithuanian, who also had another 4 sellers over in the same way, until I contacted them all and guided them through the process I found to win my appeal. All international signed for post needs to be tracked in the posts destination countries postal services site which is where you will be able to see the completed delivery. Google, track package in country sent to and you should find the site you need.When you input your tracking number there it shows where in transit it is and if it has been received. Make a copy of this page as you will need it later.When the buyer opens the case all you can do is put in you tracking number, which means nothing by itself when sending abroad. eBay will go in the buyers favour and this is when you need to appeal with new info. The new info is the link to your tracked package in its destination country, eBay will reply to you saying they need to see a copy of the receipt as the tracking site only says it's been received and does not say to what address, the receipt has the tracking you have already appealed with but also contains the address. They will ask you to send the receipt copy as an attachment replying to their email through your email account as this is only way to add attachments. When sending copy of receipt also send copy of the tracking page which shows its been received, eBay prefers these to be sent in PDFs form, and there will be an option to print the page into a file like this to save to your computer.I originally sent just the copy of receipt, like I was asked to, and got a reply saying Royal Mail does not say delivered. I was not willing to loose my money again to these scum bags, So what I did was replied to eBay email through my email account again adding both receipt and tracking PDFs in same email. The next day I received a message saying they have all necessary proof and I will be refunded within 4 to 7 days. It only took till the day after that for my account to be reimbursed.This has been a risk for UK sellers for a long time and most of them just except it as a loss. Some of the sellers who have been scammed do go on to claim back there 41 pound postal insurance, but as this takes about 6 months and takes a lot of effort most sellers don't bother.I hope this guide will help more genuine sellers protect there selves when sending abroad. Hopefully this process will become common knowledge and eventually put a stop bogus buyers claims.
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