Psion 3-series: a long-term users review

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Bought my first Psion in 93 because at the time, my boss was too tight to offer any assistance when I decided I needed a portable PC for work. The 256k Psion 3 Classic was very advanced for it's day and it immediately showed it would fill the tasks that I had for it. In particular, Sheet would work-in well with calculating the jobs, while Word would be fine for producing reports. The tiny size of the Psion meant it was easy to carry around. The battery-life meant I could use it anywhere; this plus the Psion software meant it was faster and much easier to use than a PC. The Psion's link leads kept me up with the PC users as I could easily supply hard copy or pass-on files.

It soon became apparrent however, that the memory was a tad small. The next Psion was a 2 meg model 3a that I bought late in 96. It solved the memory problem. Nearly fifteen years have passed and I still would not replace it with a more modern machine. Of course, the infra red on the 3c is attractive as a wireless method of communicating. I would also enjoy having the speed of the 3mx. But the low replacement cost of the 3a makes it my Psion of choice.

So you could say that I am a dedicated Psion 3a user.  The modern PDAs just do not fill the bill for my uses.  Here are the main benefits I find for sticking with the Psion 3a 2m. 
  1) Spending 30 to 40 pounds on Ebay gets me a replacement 3a 2meg
       in good condition
  2) The Psion is a fully stand-alone hand-held that for working on spreadsheets, word files etc.
  3) The Data application is great for storing and searching through massive amounts of information
  4) The 3a version of Agenda is still one of the best organiser applications on the market.
  5) A pair of AA batteries gives nearly a week of heavy use.
  6) Easy connection to any laptop through a serial (or USB) port.

And those are just the benefits of the 3a. I could go on some more if I were refering to the 3c, or 3mx or the 5 series.
Try filling those criteria when refering to one of the more modern Windows based PDAs.
Enough of the PDA baiting :-)


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