Psp 1.5 Firmware and Downgrade / Downgrading to 1.5 FW

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Why Do you need to have a 1.5 Firmware PSP?

Well, the answer is because with a 1.5 Firmware PSP you can do everything that other firmwares cant do. Things like play homebrew, back up, movies (MP4), Music (MP3), Surf the Internet and Lots More. You have all the flexibility and use with it. I just dont know why Sony keeps updating their firwmare versions which in fact doesnt do any good to final consumers

How Do you Play Homebews/Back Ups?

You need Emulators to do this. A lot of this are available on the internet, You just need to choose the right one. A popular one is devhook.

Other Reasons for Having 1.5 Firmware

Another thing is if you have a psp which cant play any games or movies on it anymore, you definitely need to downgrade your psp. you may be thinking that you have the least idea on how to do it, or that would be to expensive, However, that is not the case.

With my Psp downgrade guide, it only takes less than 10 minutes to downgrade your firmware settings and you can play your movies and games again. Its very easy, even my son can do it. Getting the guide sent to you is even easier. The cost is so cheap, that you cant pass this up to others.

If you are tired of your games and movies not playing on your psp, and don't want to get rid of your psp, this is definitely a  must for you. It is very important to know that there are a lot of psp downgrade available on the internet but are you sure they are the right one. Why take the risk of trying untested programs when you know you can get it from a reliable source. Dont take any risk and regret it in the end.

Which Psp's can have / can be downgraded to 1.5 Firmware

At the moment only psp's which have a NON-TA-082 motherboard/pcb are capable of being downgraded. However, there are also options available  for those who have a TA-082 motherboard/pcb. To check if you do have one see picture below


should you have a TA-082 PSP contact me and I have solution for this as well.

 any questions







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