Psychic readings

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Hi everyone!

I would just thought i would write a guide on psychic readings,i my self am psychic but to am a person and needs guidance sometimes,

I no it can be frustrating finding the right psychic to give you your future and if you trust them with the answers that they give you,

Yo take what they tell you very seriously weather its good or bad!

I just wanted to say when your looking through to find the right psychic for you,and there are allot of gifted psychics on ebay which there is enough room for everyone,so people have a choice,

I no people can be quite competitive when it comes to this sort of things,and i my self have had some nasty things happen to me because of competition,but i just let it go and think we are here to help people and not to try and put other people down,

When your looking for your psychic if you feel drawn to that certain person even if they don't have much feedback go with that person because they could most probably give you the guidance you need,

Of course you have to be careful because unfortunately there are fake people which try get money out of people for nothing or give just computer generated readings which you can get off any tarot site,

But just go through on ebay and if you feel suddenly you feel drawn to this certain person give that person a try and you might be surprised as your in stinks are telling you to have a reading off that person for the best guidance,

Of course every psychic is different with different gifts one could just have medium abilities or medium and psychic abilities or just purley psychic or there is empathic which someone can tell your feelings which is very good for love readings,

But which ever your needs are just look through carefully and trust your instinks,and remember to give those just starting out on the spiritual path like me :) a go,you might be surprised! :)

Love and blessings to everyone,

Stacy xxx :)

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