Psychic readings

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Do not be conned by people claiming to be psychic and do not be fooled by the Paypal buyer protection as it does not cover emailed readings. Request a paper reading, sent in the post, as this should cover physical goods. Bear in mind that you have to prove that the reading you received was a fake or copy of someone else’s.

Be very wary of new sellers who claim to be psychic as anyone can make this claim and con you out of money. Note feedback left, every genuine psychic I have met have had no malicious bones in their bodies and would not resort to leaving spiteful feedback, they just don’t act that way!

I have received derogatory feedback from this kind of seller. Myself a few friends bought readings that were identical, which is amazing considering they were based on our photos, dates of birth and names! Word for word identical! DO NOT BUY ANY EXTRAS OFF OF EBAY either, this is how they make big bucks. If you are offered 'extras' then report them.

Anyone can set up an Ebay account and claim to be psychic, a medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, whatever.

I was drawn to the seller’s photo but the photo was a fake, anyone can use any photo from the web.

I wrote this guide as a warning…there are people who prey on vulnerable people or those looking for answers or those who ask for readings for fun, either way they get rich from you!

There are genuine readers who do a great job and come recommended, stick to them and you won’t go wrong.

If a seller makes a claim to fame, TV, radio, exhibitions, psychic fares etc then ask where and when, names, dates, whatever. Genuine people will be happy to provide these answers.

My honest opinion?

Find someone recommended to you who you can meet in person.

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