Puddle Lane Books

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Below is a guide to the much-loved Puddle Lane book series, enjoyed by children and adults alike.

These books were first published by Ladybird in the 1980's and were written by Sheila McCullagh. They are based on the children's TV programme of the same name, and follow the stories of the many different people and characters who live in Puddle Lane, which is a part of Candletown.

The books were designed to help parents teach their children to read.

This is the complete list of titles which make up the Puddle Lane Reading Programme. There are 5 Stages in all, and each Stage has a different colour.

Stage 1 (Blue)

1. Tim Catchamouse

2. Tessa and the Magician

3. The magic box

4. Mrs Pitter-Patter and the Magician

5. The vanishing monster

6. The Wideawake Mice

7. The flying saucer

8. Two green ears

9. The tale of a tail

10. The Griffle and Mr Gotobed

11. Look out! It's magic!

12. Tim turns green

13. Tom Cat and the Wideawake Mice

14. Jeremy Mouse and Mr Puffle

15. Toby Spelldragon and the Magician

16. How Miranda flew down Puddle Lane

17. The Wideawake Mice find a new home

18. The monster loses his beard

19. A present for Aunt Matilda

20. Jeremy's ride

21. Poor Peter Tall

Stage 2 (Green)

1. When the magic stopped

2. Tessa in Puddle Lane

3. The little monster

4. The dragon's egg

5. The Gruffle

6. The Tidy Bird

7. Never trust dragons

8. The Wideawake Mice go to market

9. Danger! Danger!

10. Magic balloons

11. The Griffle and the thief

12. Mr Grimble grumbles

13. Adventure in the wood

14. Mr Puffle and the Gruffle

15. Danger in the Magician's garden

16. The fox and the Magician

Stage 3 (Orange)

1. Old Mr Gotobed

2. Hickory Mouse

3. The Gruffle in Puddle Lane

4. The Magician's Party

5. The magic penny

6. Three wishes and one more

7. Peter Puffle's mouse

8. The magic dust

9. The rescue of Father and Mother Mouse

10. Magic at Midnight

Stage 4 (Purple)

1. When the clock struck thirteen

2. The sandalwood girl

3. On the way to the Blue Mountains

4. Fire in the grass

5. The Silver River

Stage 5 (Red)

1. The Magician's raindrops

2. A dragon in the mountains

Other books/items bought out in conjunction with the series were:

The Big Puddle Lane Story Book, Puddle Lane fun frieze, The Magician's Activity Book, The Griffle's Activity Book, Picture Word Cards, and Christmas in Puddle Lane.

Expect to pay anything from £0.50 up to £2.50 per book (possibly more) depending on the condition. Puddle Lane books tend to have survived the 1980's in quite good condition, especially those which were read to children by their parents.

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