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You probably noticed that every boxing gym in the world has a punch bag and in most gyms you will find more than one type of punch bag and each will serve a different purpose. So if you are wondering why gyms have punch bags or how do boxers use them, you are in the right place. We will look closely at punch bags and their ability to help you enhance your boxing skills.

How do boxers use punch bags?

There are a few different ways to use a punch bag, depending on the type of the punch bag. If you are looking to exercise with a heavy punch bag you will need to consider the following:
· Keep your eyes on the punch bag, but don’t fixate on it, primarily heavy punch bags allows your body to adjust to hitting something that resembles a human body, however following a punch bag with your eyes too much can develop a bad habit that will transfer to the ring. Starring at your opponent will help him/her predict your attacks, so it’s best to stay clear of this bad habit from the beginning.

· Keep your punches powerful but make sure they are constant. Your workout should help you develop strength and durability. After all you need to learn to last all 12 rounds if you have to!

· Don’t be lazy. Keep your arms up, you need to get into the habit of staying alert, as your opponent will strike much faster than any punch bag, hence you can’t leave yourself open to a punch.

· Monitor your breathing. Like in any sport, in boxing your breathing can determine how long you can go on before you feel exhausted. Control your breathing to give your muscles maximum oxygen flow to ensure the fatigue doesn’t hit you too soon.

These are a few but far from a full list of things you need to think about when you are using the heavy punch bag.
If you are training with the speed bag, also known as speed ball, you need to remember:
Speed balls are designed to develop timing rather than strength and power like the heavy bag. It helps the boxer work on hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and speed, as the name suggests. It is straight forward to use and can help you develop eye hand coordination and punching stamina.

Why should I use punching bags when I work out?

The reason a punch bag is used so widely is it’s great quality to assist fighters with their physical and mental development.
While using a punch bag you develop core muscles, chest and back muscles. You also develop your ability to react to an attack. All these give a foundation to a good fighter.
Also it has the ability to take your stress away, boxers often use it as a warm up before a fight In order to concentrate and release any negative emotions.

So give it a try, you will be surprised to see how much you enjoy it. To help you get the most out of your punch bag, we offer a great range of different punch bags and punch bag accessories, including our brand new range of Revenger boxing gloves. Visit  our eBay shop to find out more http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Max-Strength-shop

If you have been using a punch bag in your workout we would love to hear from you, leave us a comment explaining how you use your punching bag and what are the benefits for you personally.
Also you can get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter and find some great boxing tips on our Youtube channel.
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