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Its always "hit and miss" when purchasing from China or even hong kong, the clothing always looks fashionable and good quality in the pictures, and the cost... well its too good to be true. Your getting item of clothing that looks amazing and saving LOADS of money rather than using petrol going to a shop, paying for parking, then paying shop Prices :O

But as the saying suggest, "if it seems to good to be true, it probably is" i have previously ordered a dress for a christmas party, having looked at local shops my money wouldnt stretch that far, so i hit EBAY. Found a gorgeous dress, and at a bargin, brought it there and then, silly me, didnt check where it was coming from.

The dress was ordered well in advance, however it didnt turn up untill the day before the party, i was at work so rushed home when i finished to try it on, having waited over 6 weeks, i was so excited. 

The dress was a full lenght fish tail dress with a corset style tie from the bum to the top. well to start with the seems were loose on the dress, i tried it on thinking it would be ok, i ordered my size which was 14 (size guide showed size14-16) so antipating it should fit a 16 it wouldnt be too small.... well it was a different matter, it was more of a size 12, i managed to squeeze into it, making the seems even looser, and spent the night not being able to hardly move or breath, i didnt have one single drink all night as there was no way i was going to be able to go to the toilet, and went home early


Always read the reviews on the seller, just because it is cheap doesnt mean it is worth it, and alway have a back up.
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