Purchasing Apple iPod/iPhone USB Wall Charger off eBay Caution

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Is it cheap and looks the same as from the shop ?

When purchasing an Apple product, it will be necessary at some stage to replace and purchase some of the accessories such as the headphones, the USB cable or the 3 pin UK adapter for the wall (which does not come included in the box).  While eBay may seem to be the first place to go in search for this accessory, due to being available at the fraction of the cost of Apple (therefore saving £s), you may want to think again before purchasing a £0.99 or £1.99 charger with free postage from a "top-rated seller".

These chargers available at this low price may not have been UK tested for safety and have most likely been imported from China - for even less than the Buy It Now (BIN) price.  If purchasing one of the 3 pin wall charger for attaching to your USB cable, it may seem perfect to begin with, but the differences are clear.  These cheap chargers tend to be much lighter in weight, with no Apple certification on the product, and often over-heat very quickly.  Furthermore, they are also likely to damage your Apple device  due to the poorly assembled product.  

Advice ?
While it may save you some money in the short term, these products are not fit for purpose.  Spending £15-£20 (with a 1 year warranty) from your Apple store will be worth it in the long term and will potentially save your device from being unnecessarily damaged. 

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