Purchasing Custom Built Computer Systems on EBay

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Purchasing Custom Built Computer Systems on EBay

   Hi Guys. This is my first Guide on EBay. Let’s hope you can take benefit from this and I can explain myself with objectivity and ease of understanding. As the title suggests I intend to let you know of some fundamental points to purchasing Custom Built Systems on EBay. Well as we know not everyone is here to make our Community as beneficial to us as we would like it to be. There are all sorts of characters available. There are scammers, blaggers and even people who don’t have a clue about what they are selling but want to make that extra buck based solely in pure ignorance and then of course we have those who can truly provide us we a great service based on price and expertise, using the benefits EBay can gives us to provide a great service to the Community and also make some profit in the process. In order to prevent ourselves from falling into any of the above mentioned negative categories let us have some basic fundamental points in mind:

1. Feedback

There is great importance and benefit for us to read through the Seller’s Feedback in order that we may have an idea as to the quality of service we can expect as well as the quality of product that is being offered. Always select your Seller having his Quality of Product, Price and Service in mind. It will almost always pay off.

2. Product

When we are interested in a specific type of product or service it is crucial that we are not totally ignorant about the item of interest. Make sure you do some “Googling“beforehand to have some minimal knowledge about what you wish to purchase. As far as the subject in question is concerned (Purchasing Custom Built Computer Systems on EBay) make sure you read carefully through the item description in order that you may not be deceived or be ignorant of information that is important to your purchase decision. Always make sure what kind of item is being offered i.e. is it OEM or a Boxed item? A personal Computer has a number of components involved in its composition so it is important to know the quality of components you are purchasing. OEM means that the item on offer did not come in Retail Packaging which means that there could be problems with its warranty and there is always doubt as to the product being really New or Used. How would you know? It’s difficult to tell if you don’t have the required ability. When purchasing Custom Built systems with Retail Boxed Components the Price might be dearer however it will surely give you peace of mind. It’s worth to pay that extra buck to give us extra security. And of course always ask for the boxes of every component to be sent to you alongside with the product itself. This is essential for warranty purposes and peace of mind.

3. Payment

To be honest I can’t give a personal knowledge based opinion in this section. As far as I know, as a Buyer to purchase with PayPal gives us that extra security so we should really have this in mind so that we may benefit from the available service and add security to our Community.

   Well guys this is it for my little guide. I hope I chose the correct words and approach and also provided you with some key points in the subject in question. Let’s try to make our Community Safer and More Beneficial!


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