Purchasing Make up Online

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Whenever I want to purchase make up whether for myself or a family member I always take my time to research the particular brand/product as there are so many fakes on the market these days that are not properly tested than can have everlasting medical problems. 

I am a regular product tester in my local pharmacy like boots or superdrug to try make up whether it is eyeliners, blush, mascara or foundation. I will leave it on for several hours to take note of the effect it has on my skin if any and then I will read online reviews about the product. Some companies sell or give away free samples of various products and I always find it usefull to contact them first to obtain a sample first.

This might sound like a awfull lot of effort to buy some eyeliner but I would rather spend a few days making sure that the products I purchase have been appropriately tested than suffer with eye infection etc. 

I find that there are far to many beauty products available on line that come from countries where they do not have all the neccessary health and safety procedures in place that make it illegal to sell counterfit products. 

When bidding on Ebay I will read all the feedback left to that specific seller and then purchase make up once I am satisfied that they are selling legit items. 

I have written this review after taking part in a campaign by Bzz Agent.

Good luck and remember to have fun

How to research before purchasing make up

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