Purchasing a Cable or Freeview Remote for Big Hands on eBay

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Purchasing a Cable or Freeview Remote for Big Hands on eBay

Technology, particularly for devices in the home theatre industry, has come a long way since the first televisions were rolled off assembly lines and into homes in the 1940s. The television, along with all of its additional accessories, such as cable boxes, DVD players, VCRs, and remote controls, has undergone countless transformations, all with the intention of making the viewing experience in home theatres more enjoyable and efficient.

Television remotes, specifically cable remotes and Freeview remotes, have taken the simplicity of watching television shows and movies on television to an entirely new level. However, remotes can often be a hassle for many users, as the already small devices have even smaller buttons, and this can be a problem for users with larger than average hands. However, the search for remotes for big-handed users does not need to be difficult. Cable and Freeview remotes can be quickly and easily found on eBay.

By simply understanding the value of owning a cable or Freeview remote, knowing which remotes are compatible, and also understanding which particular features are ideal for users with big hands, any shopper can find exactly the right remote for his or her needs.

What Are Cable and Freeview Remotes?

Cable and Freeview remotes have become more and more prevalent in the home theatre industry as technology has progressed and improved. These devices are representative of the huge changes that have occurred, particularly since the invention of the first remotes, which were attached to televisions with cables. These remotes are obviously now wireless, and they can control a plethora of options on televisions and cable systems. There are some slight differences between cable and Freeview remotes, however, and it is important to understand the variations before shopping for one of these remotes.

Cable Remotes

Cable remotes essentially do exactly what their name implies; they operate a television’s cable box. These remotes typically accompany the installation of a cable box, as many types of remotes are specifically designed to operate with a particular cable box.

Some cable remotes are pre-programmed by the manufacturer upon purchase, while other companies leave the remotes unprogrammed so that the user can program the remote with any particular preferences that he or she might have. Regardless of whether or not the remote is programmed ahead of time, remotes can become damaged over time and require replacement. Additionally, the user might find that the remote does not properly suit his or her particular needs, or the buttons may be too small.

Freeview Remotes

Freeview remotes are somewhat similar to cable remotes in their basic function, except for the fact that these devices are made especially for usage with Freeview. Freeview is a recent innovation to the home theatre industry as the United Kingdom’s television broadcasting systems switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. These remotes operate with Freeview digital boxes and televisions that have Freeview built in to them. Freeview remotes have the same functions that normal cable remotes do, sometimes even more, as certain versions of Freeview allow for playback capabilities.

Why Buy a Cable or Freeview Remote

Cable and Freeview remotes have become necessary items for people who are looking to enhance their home theatre experience. These remotes make watching television in the United Kingdom as straightforward and headache-free as possible by using some of the most up-to-date technology.

There are numerous advantages to owning a cable or Freeview remote, even for users with big hands. These remotes simplify the operation of a television while keeping the number of buttons to a minimum in order to keep the remotes from becoming too cluttered with options. At the same time, many great options are available for usage on the television, but they can be easily executed using fewer buttons on the actual remote. This makes these remotes particularly ideal for big-handed users.

Remote Compatibility

While shopping for a new cable or Freeview remote, it is always important to make sure that a particular remote is compatible with a person’s television and its accessories. Freeview remotes are easier to match to the appropriate model, as there are a limited number of brands available in Freeview digital boxes or televisions. Matching the correct brand of the digital box or television with its corresponding remote is the easiest way to go about ensuring the compatibility of the device.

This process is virtually the same for finding general cable remotes. However, there are countless models of televisions and cable boxes on the market, so finding the appropriate model that corresponds with the correct remote can be slightly more difficult. With cable remotes, the simplest way to obtain the correct remote is to find the exact model number of the cable box or television. These numbers can usually be found on original packaging, the instruction manual, or even the television itself. The model number, along with the brand of the television, helps buyers find the correct type of remote to purchase.

If the appropriate brand or model of a remote is not taken into consideration when searching for a replacement, money and time can easily be wasted in the search process. Many types of remotes are specific to certain brands and models, and thus only operate correctly with their corresponding televisions or digital boxes.

Remote Features That Suit Big Hands

Although remotes for cable and Freeview televisions offer a wide range of advantages, their usage may still be annoying for people with larger hands. Tiny buttons that are closely packed together are often accidentally pressed, and this results in a frustrating viewing experience. The slim and small devices can also feel awkward in a user’s large hands. For these reasons, there are a few features that can specifically be sought out in order to create a better home theatre experience for large-handed users.

Cable and Freeview remotes that have larger buttons lessen the frustration that many large-handed users experience with other types of remotes. Large buttons make for easier functionality and navigation for users with bigger fingers. Some types of remotes have fewer buttons overall, which allows for the buttons to be spaced out more on the remote. This, too, decreases the chance of pressing an unintended button that could change the channel or the volume in the middle of a programme.

Although some shoppers look for the smallest and most compact devices available when it comes to remotes, buyers with big hands obviously need to purchase remotes that are larger in overall size. Bigger remotes fit far more comfortably in big hands.

How to Buy a Cable or Freeview Remote for Big Hands on eBay

Cable and Freeview remotes are two of the most useful inventions to hit the home theatre industry. By increasing functionality while still maintaining a sleek design, these devices make the experience of watching television or movies at home much more enjoyable. However, the process of finding the proper remote for a given television or cable box can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. There are countless models and versions of cable televisions and cable boxes, which equates to a large number of remotes that are available.

The ample variety leaves potential shoppers with a wide array of devices to sift through in order to find the appropriate remote for his or her television. Having said that, eBay makes the search process simple and painless by allowing shoppers to quickly navigate through categories and options to find exactly the right remotes for their systems.

If a shopper knows the model number and the brand of his or her television, the corresponding remote can be found in a flash on eBay. Using the main search bar, simply enter the model number and brand to find a number of relevant product listings. Several filters, including price and condition, allow the results to be narrowed down even further until the shopper discovers the appropriate remote.


Television remotes undoubtedly make the experience of watching television programmes and movies more enjoyable for everyone, especially those viewers who are seated close to the television since they would be the ones in charge of constantly changing the channel and volume. These small devices have changed the way people watch and enjoy television, which has brought new depth to the home theatre industry.

However, these remotes have to continue to change in order to accommodate the ever-changing options and capabilities that televisions and cable boxes bring to the market, as was the case with the development of Freeview television. Innovations make for an even greater viewing experience, but it also means that more and more options are available when it comes to searching for a replacement remote. Such a simple thing can suddenly become frustrating and tiresome with so many remotes available. This is where eBay makes shopping simple in comparison to other stores.

By understanding exactly what functions cable and Freeview remotes possess, knowing which remotes are compatible with particular televisions, and recognising which features are most suitable for large-handed users, anyone can quickly and easily find the perfect remote for his or her needs.

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