Purchasing a Compatible Internal Hard Disk Drive

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Purchasing a Compatible Internal Hard Disk Drive

One of the best days a desktop computer ever has as far as performance and speed is the first day that it is used. As soon as a computer starts being used, data is stored on the internal hard disk drive. Over time as memory is used, the performance of the computer is decreased. In order to solve this problem many people choose to either purchase a new internal hard disk drive or even add an additional one. Internal hard disk drives can be located at computer electronics stores and online on eBay. In either case it is important when shopping for a new hard drive to make sure that it is compatible with the one that is already in place.

The amount of memory that is offered from an internal hard disk drive is one important factor that needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing it; however, there are other factors that need to be considered as well, such as how much rotational speed is needed, is the hard drive worth the money spent, and is it better to buy more than one. Knowing the answers to these questions can help eliminate frustration down the road.

Internal Hard Disk Drive Overview

Many people who do not possess a lot of computer knowledge do not know what to look for when buying another hard drive,, and they decide to break the bank by purchasing one that offers a great deal of memory. There is a lot more things that need to be factored into the equation of which internal hard drive is best than just how much such a device costs. It is important to decide how much memory space you actually need before making this type of investment. Although having enough space is the primary and most important goal, it is important to make sure the hard drive is compatible. How fast the hard disk drive operates also should be taken into consideration.

Determine Space Requirements

When determining how much memory space is needed, it is vital to think about how the computer is used. If the computer is used for work and regularly sees a lot of activity, buying a new internal hard drive with enough memory to compensate for this usage is the best bet. Things such as photos, videos, and audio files can eat up a lot of memory space and if items such as these are stored in memory on a consistent basis, the memory available can be depleted rather quickly.

Determining how much memory is used by such activities can be difficult as memory usage for these types of items is not typically seen as it is stored. In order to help determine what space requirement may be needed to support such activities, review the information in the table listed below to get an idea of how much memory is ideal.

Memory Size



Web browsing and basic computer function


Word processing software, gaming, image and video edits

3 - 4GB

32- or 64-bit operating system, multiple applications

6 - 8GB

Heavy gaming activities; major video and photo storage

There are many internal hard drives that offer more memory space than the ones listed above. Although it may be necessary for some people to acquire more storage space, if the usage does not go beyond what is listed above, it may not be worth the additional expense. For hard drives with more than 8GB of memory space, it is a good idea to consider the overall value between the cost of the additional space and the investment needed to obtain it.

Determining the Need for Multiple Hard Disk Drives

It is more commonplace for computers to have only one internal hard disk drive. As storage needs change, more people are choosing to add additional new or even used internal hard disk drives to their computer systems. Realising this need, many manufacturers are filling this need by creating systems that have this feature. While an additional hard drive may not be necessary for a lot of people, there are some definite advantages for others who choose to include them.

The overall speed of a computer that stores large amounts of data is greatly increased by the addition of an extra hard drive, and it is up to the user to determine if the extra cost is worth the price of this feature, and in most cases it is. Having additional memory space can help alleviate the concern that large amounts of data are lost if the operating system were to crash unexpectedly or if suddenly an electrical surge disables the computer. Having an additional hard drive can offer assurance that crucial data is still available when it is needed.

Speed and Spin Rate

The spin rate of an internal hard drive is what determines the overall speed of the device. Not all hard drives spin at the same rate, so it is important to realise how the spin rate affects the speed of the device, which in turn affects the overall performance of the computer system. The spin rate and how the computer and drive connects to each other are important. Understanding how these two factors elements affect a computer's speed as far as compatibility is concerned is extremely helpful when purchasing a new internal hard drive.

Spin Rate

One of the factors that determine how fast a hard drive operates is the spin rate that it is capable of. The spin rate in internal hard drives vary greatly; however, as a general rule of thumb the faster the spin rate is, the faster the hard drive operates.

The speed of internal hard drives is rated by the revolutions per minute (rpm). The median speed is 7,200 rpm with some hard drives topping out at speeds greater than 10,000 rpm or greater. Depending on the amount of memory a hard drive is able to store, the spin rate differs between many hard drives. It is possible to obtain a hard drive with a spin rate of 7,200 rpm, but finding one that spins at that rate and has a memory storage of over 4GB might be difficult or not worth the price.

Interface Capabilities

Performance of a personal computer is greatly affected by how it connects to the internal hard drive. Most computers are capable of connecting to a hard drive by way of Serial ATA (SATA), so compatibility issues are easy to avoid. New internal hard drives with less than 100GB commonly still use SATA, and this type of hard drive often experiences memory crashes relatively early on and need to be replaced.

Hard drives that have a 3GB memory or even a 6GB memory capacity use SATA. The motherboard in some computers comes equipped with a SATA III port in newer models with 6GB, so it is still possible to have compatibility if the hard drive supports this type of technology. It is also beneficial to take advantage of that technology because the operating speed is almost twice as fast as the ones with the older version of SATA.

Some computers that have been around a really long time more than likely have PATA port, which stands for Parallel ATA, or otherwise known as IDE. Replacing these hard disk drives may be extremely difficult due to their age.

How to Buy a Compatible Internal Hard Drive on eBay

When memory space for a computer starts to become depleted, it seems like every little task the computer is expected perform becomes more cumbersome for it. Buying a new internal hard disk drive that is compatible with the computer is the easiest way to solve this problem and much less expensive than buying a new computer. Many people enjoy purchasing hard disk drives on eBay because it is a website that has a large selection of internal hard disk drives due to the large amount of people and businesses that sell their merchandise there.

Finding a compatible hard drive is easy by performing a keyword search on the eBay homepage. Simply type in relevant keywords such as "internal hard disk drive&", and you have a wide array of items available for you to review. If you want the search results to be more refined, you may make the keywords more specific, and you may also use the advanced search option as well.


It is a great feeling to be able to fix a computer's memory problem deficit by purchasing a compatible internal hard disk drive that can be installed fairly easily. It is not necessary for most people to purchase an internal hard disk drive with the most memory available unless they know for sure that they have to have it.

Determining how much storage space is necessary when shopping for another hard drive is crucial in making sure that it also does not need to be replaced any time soon as well. Buying an internal disk drive is about obtaining more memory, but it is also about purchasing one that is not overly excessive causing a lot monetary waste. Understanding things like how much space is necessary to perform various functions can help eliminate over buying in this area. It is essential to understand how spin rate and connectivity between the hard drive and computer operate so that an appropriate model can be chosen. With the necessary knowledge, buyers are well-equipped to finding a compatible internal hard disk drive on eBay.

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