Purchasing a memory foam mattress or topper

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1)Phone number.
Has the company seller got a phone number on their WebPages or ebay pages.
If not  then why not, i do not make a major purchase without a phone number.

Is the memory foam made in the UK or Europe. If the mattress is from china? can it be trusted for fire cert and nasty chemicals.
I bought a china mattress on ebay  and threw it away after 2 months as the company refused to answer my email (see above about phone).
The smell was awful and it had a fake fire cert.  BS5852 and BS7177 Is for the UK  and  CAL117 is for the USA.

One inch of memory foam is no good, two inches is still not very good, three inches is ok and if you can afford it - four inches is great.
Try to avoid density of less than 50kg3 and if you can afford it got as high in density as you can 80kg3 +

4)Cheap memory foam.
Lots of people search for cheap memory foam, this is like searching for cheap gold - it does not exist.
Good density well made memory foam is not cheap as it costs a lot to make - If you get offered cheap memory foam mattress then the foam
will not be very  good. You get what you pay for.

Coolmax or Outlast covers that are zip able removable are the best and if you are paying for a decent mattress then make sure it has a decent cover.

One inch is rubbish, two inch is not much better. Three inches is great and four inches is the best.

I hope this helps.
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