Purchasing reseller hosting on ebay

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Purchasing reseller hosting is a risky business on ebay (not with us)

You will see many resellers on ebay offering you a unlimited reseller account, so you can offer your own hosting, ive seen packages on ebay for just £19.99 / $39.99 per year, and lifetime, yes thats right lifetime reseller hosting and some people even fall for it, these sellers are usually just out to make a quick buck.

All a reseller need to do is purchase a master reseller account on ebay etc, then they can create their own resellers,, they will offer unlimited reseller hosting for life etc, and it does look like a great deal, so you buy it

you get your own customers, and then a few months later (when the ebay auction has expired) your account is deleted because you are taking up space on the master resellers server, and you lose all your customers which wont be happy, you will get negative feedback and complaints

this is the harsh reality of reseller hosting on ebay, the best thing you can do is to buy with someone you can trust like us, we own a huge range of servers which allows us to create a huge range of accounts for you and your customers.

dont buy cheap plans because you will just get a cheap service, look into paying monthly this way your master reseller doesnt have any reason to shut up shop and leave you deserted

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