Pyrograph Safely!

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As with anything electrical you should always take care. No trailing cables , No water near the electrics ,Have a lamp in your work area to help you with small detail and good overall vision. Most of all NO CHILDREN wandering around whilst you are working with your irons. These irons can do major damage if in contact with the skin, I keep my irons out of childrens reach and only do my work once Grandchildren are in bed. You need to concentrate whilst working and be aware of the danger.
I have a lamp on my desk and keep as much space on my table as is possible, a crowded work surface is a recipe for disaster. Only have the item that you are working on, on the worktop.
As a precaution i use a sheet of Tin foil folded double and laid under my Pyro irons rest , this help to minimise any damage done by the high temperatures of the Pyro tips.
If you intend painting any colour into your design, do that whilst you do not have your iron plugged in, I never mix the two, its too dangerous. When i am collecting designs , I have a file which has sections and categorise my designs.. Ie "Dragons" or "Childrens" etc Use a good quality trace paper, I was using Greaseproof paper until I found a good quality Trace paper which is a lot thicker than Greaseproof paper. It also lasts a lot longer without tearing. When laying a design down on your work, do not rub it over the surface, as you will have lead smearing over your work and sometimes its not easy to erase, I also find it very helpfull if I am laying down a design to remain focused.
If I am burning in a design I never walk away from my work station without switching off my Pyro Iron, It does not matter even if you will only be a minute, SWITCH IT OFF! Its not worth the risk. On my desk I also have a holder for Pencils and scissors etc It is worth keeping a small pair of Long Nose Pliers to use on the tips when you change them, so that you do not touch them too much, grease on fingers does affect the tips when they heat up and its the safest way to change the tips unless they are stone cold. Do not tighten the tips so that you have hard job unscrewing them!
Get yourself scraps of wood, you be surprised where you will find them, practice on them and get used to the way how different types of wood burn. They say that you cannot burn "Softwood" its very light like "Balsa" but I work with "Softwood" and have had some fantastic results with it. Whatever you do, DO NOT BURN MDF! It will not do you any good with the fumes etc. If I am burning Ash or Pine i usually wear a mask as it does get a little smokey at times and you end up smelling like you been standing next to a bonfire!!
I found that Ash has a habit of spitting at you whilst burning into it. If you have any questions, I am just a message away, and will be only too pleased to help you if I can.
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