Q&A: What is a Powerline Adapter?

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Addon NHP5010BD1 Q&A

Q1. What is a Powerline Adapter and how to choose it?

A1. Powerline Adapter (also called Homeplug) is a device that carries the internet signal through the existing home electrical wiring in the same electrical ring in the same building.

They work as a pair, which means that you need at least two powerline, but you can add additional ones to work together.

The first Powerline should be connected to the router and the second Powerline plugged into a power socket in hard-to-reach areas of your house/office. This second powerline would create an additional internet connection point.

When you choose the second or more Powerline, you can choose:

A. Wired powerline: Connect to your device by Ethernet cable
B. Wireless powerline: Connect to your device by Ethernet cable and by wireless

When you need additional internet connection points, you can add the 3rd, the 4th powerline and so on.

There are different speeds for powerlines. However, 500Mbps is the ideal speed and good for HD or 3D video streaming and is faster than 200Mbps and 85Mbps, which we don’t recommend.

Q2. Which Powerline Adapter would you recommend?

A2. We always recommend the ADDON NHP5010BD1 for many reasons:

It is a twin pack that includes wired powerline x1 (HP5100S) + wireless powerline x1 (NHP5010) that allow you to create an additional wireless internet connection point in your house/office

It is a Plug & Play solution. Unlike other powerlines which may cause trouble/IP conflict with their routers in settings, this model significantly reduce the possibility to have such problem

For a future prospective, you will not spend any extra money to improve the speed of your network connection in your house/office

Q3. Can I mix Powerlines with different speeds? 

A3. You can combine 500Mbps Powerline with 200Mbps Powerline, but you cannot combine 85Mbps Powerline with 200Mbps (or 500Mbps) powerline.

85Mbps & 200Mbps use different frequencies and cannot talk to each other. 200Mbps & 500Mbps use a common frequency and they can work but with the speed restriction of 200Mbps only.

Q4. Can I mix ADDON’s Powerlines with others from different brands?

A4. ADDON Powerlines are compatible with most of the Powerlines from the major brands. Just make sure about the speed (check the previous point Q3).

Q5. What is included in the ADDON NHP5010BD1 Powerline bundle?

A5. The NHP5010BD1 Powerline bundle includes:

1 x ADDON HP5100S 500Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter
1 x ADDON NHP5010 300Mbps Powerline Wireless/500Mbps Ethernet Adapter
2 x Ethernet Cable RJ45
1 x Quick Install Guide
1 x Resource CD

Q6. How to install ADDON NHP5010BD1?

A6. Any ADDON Powerline Adapter is Plug & Play and very easy to install:

Connect the ADDON HP5100S to the router by Ethernet cable and plug it into the electrical outlet
Plug the ADDON NHP5010 in another electrical outlet of your house/office
Connect your computer to the ADDON NHP5010 by cable or by wireless and you will immediately get internet signal in just less than 30 secs.

You may need additional advanced features, such as setting up security key for wireless connection or changing the SSID (ID) of each NHP5010.
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