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i am the typical pramaholic. since my little girl was born 15 months ago, i have had 3 prams / pushchairs. i go mainly for looks, but it has to be comfy and practical too. the first pushchair, was my loola, in oxygen black. god how much i loved that pushchair. it was perfect, little heavy, but folded down quite small, and a dream to drive, easy to clean, and my little girl looked so snug and slept so soundly in the super soft cosy toes u get with them, i could of even slept in that thing! i soon got buggy envy of these with 3 wheels though...argh! it drove me crazy! i had to have one!!! i ended up selling my loola for £190, (i bought it for £220 brand new). i was chuffed with what i got for it, and i started looking at the quinny buzz. the pink and orange one really got my attention. i was online very late one night (ok, 3am), and i saw an auction ready to end, for a brand new quinny buzz, in pink and orange, still in box with tags, and bids were only at £130!! i ended up getting it for £140!!!! complete bargain! everywher i go, i have had comments, people looking, asking about it. i bought the matching cosy toes for it, and a basket underneath (what a bummer, would it of hurt to attatch and include a basket???!!!) my daughter loves it too. she can face her mummy, or face the world. i let her choose hehe! it is the best pushchair ever. i could be on the phone and pushing with one hand down a bumpy street, and still be in full control, unlike the loola. u had to hold tight with both hands with that one!!! one problem with my buzz, it is HUGE. and when i say huge, i mean huge. folded down i mean. i drive a renault megane, and it just about fits in the boot, n theres no chance of gettin shopping in there too!!! im downsizing cars now, going for a starlet glanza, and there is no way it fit in there. that is the only thing that has put a dampener on it. it drives my mum mental when she takes my daughter out. its quite fiddly to fold down aswell. should be able to fold one handed aswell as unfold one handed, and if u have the seat facing rearward, u need to unclip it, clip it back on facing forewards, then sit it right up before u can fold it down. pain! im going for a petite star zia now. small, still 3 wheels, but still an eyecatcher. no one has faulted the zia, in alot of reviews i have read. im gettin the cranberry one. so yes, overall, the loola is a dream but heavy and awkward if u want to push one handed. and the quinny buzz is overall a complete dream and the best....unless u have a small car...or should i say you dont have a van to shove it in back of...!!!


any more questions...please ask!!

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