Quad Electrostatic Loudspeakers ESL57s

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I bought my first ESL57 electrostatic some 52 years ago and had heard nothing like it before.  Its completely uncoloured natural sound, sweetness and super fast transients was a revelation.  Also its presentation of sound was unlike anything I'd heard.   I was thrilled with it and when stereo came in I bought a second one to go with it.  Then some years later for some daft reason I can't really remember now I sold them.  Recently I had the opportunity to buy another pair in fantastic condition and full working order.  Coupling them up to a Quad 306 Power Amp and modified Quad 33 Pre-Amp and fed from a Marantz CD63 KI CD player their sound reproduction showed that there's still nothing that can touch them.  What a fool I was getting rid of my first pair.
There's a lot a claptrap talked about the speakers.   There's no bass, they say, and they beam the treble.  Quad state that their frequency response is asymptotic to 45 - 18000 Hz.  So they are good to 45 Hz which is born out in practice to my ears.  They have a very full sound and DO NOT LACK BASS.  If you are pipe organ fan and like lots of bass pipe frequencies coming through then augment them with a a sub bass unit but it needs to be very fast to keep up with the Quads.  As to the beaming; well its much less obvious in practice.  I regularly sit off axis and experience absolutely no problems with the Quad tone controls flat.
I must be admitted they strike a particular presence in domestic circumstances with comments like "are they heaters" but I have then across the corners of the my 5 x 4 metres room and they look to my, admittedly biased eyes, OK.
Forget the claptrap, there's nothing to touch them even today.   They are fantastic!!
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