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Lextek Motorcycle Products.

Yes The Title is a bold statement and one we stand by, Lextek have forged a reputation for being far superior in quality than any of the similar brands on the market, We were rather cautious to start with plainly because you never can tell how a lower priced brand will actualy be like in the flesh.
Other brands have promised so much and at first have been brilliant but have not delivered in the long run, Well we must say when we took the first delivery of Lextek products (including 4 different types of silencers) we were shocked, the quality was breath taking especialy given the 50l panniers are only a smudge over £30 brand new, The stitching is on par with brands such as GIVI and at a fraction of the cost!
Well the Panniers we decided to put to the test to see how they weathered and wore, well even after a 30mph spill in the winter months (January) they may have been a tad battered but appart from some abrasion marks they stodd up to the punishment and even kept water out very well indeed (Only the really heavy down pours got through).
Now moving onto our best sellers the Lextek Exhausts, where can we start other than sayin WOW, people have been dubious of the Lextek Silencers purley because cheap imitation exhausts made in their 1000's on a mass production line without any testing or quality control and then thrown out to the consumer market by certain Chinese outlets have left sadly scars with certain customers, well after putting the Stubby 51mm universal silencer along with the 51mm universal Oval silenceers to the test including some real abuse on a track day they have stood up to everything including wet weather use and still looked box fresh after!
The quality is astonishing it really is, and this isnt just reserved for one or two of the silencer models it spans accross the whole range with no exceptions at all.
Lextek is a brand we are extremely proud to retail and work with, to further strengthen the reputation they have even given the whole range a Lifetime Warranty a real blessing and clear sign of confidence in their product range something we must say you are highley unlikely to find  with similar brands.
So as stated above we are very proud to be able to retail this product range, so please if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will allways be more than happy to help you, we do not pressure sales and we are happy to have a chat with you.
So with a growing range from Lextek save us in youre following list and sign up for our news letter and we will keep you updated every step of the way.
Happy Riding everyone!
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