Quality Trimmers & Guillotines for Crafts & Card Making

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Tired of not having a decent trimmer, dice and slice with style with a new AccuCut Trimmer or Guillotine... Get the latest products from pen2paper

AccuCut A425pro and A445pro
It’s now been almost two years since our Trimmer and Guillotine range was introduced into the Office Product market. In this short time span, the range has been widely accepted amongst our customers and has received great industry recognition - OPI Award 2006. To reinforce this positive image, we continually strive to further develop our models so that they are truly as good as they can possibly be.

For this reason, in March 2007 we will be presenting to the market our new and improved AccuCut A425pro and A445pro trimmers. These two trimmers will replace our existing models and will be introduced as a running change.

What has changed?
•  Blade housing has been improved in order to ensure pressure is above the blade and not off-set therefore giving a better and more accurate cut with less effort. In addition to this, the design of the handle has been modified for a more ergonomic and comfortable grip.
•  New dual cutting mat with self healing capability will ensure more accurate cutting even when switching cutting styles.
•  New 4 colour packaging for A445pro to support our retail listings, and to indicate that the model is “new and improved”.

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We sell these and many other trimmers and guilotines like the A100, A300, A400, A425, A445, A515Pro and A525Pro on our website so you can rest assured you can find the correct one to fit the job!!

I hope this information is helpful to you please buy your trimmers and guillotines from us!!

Best wishes
Tim Ellis

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