Quick Guide - Using Real Pocket Nappies

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There are lots of guides on using real nappies in general - all the different types. You probably already know that you want to use real nappies and have an idea of what you're looking for.

If you want an easy to use, economical and quick drying option - then Pocket Nappies are for you.

Everyone I speak to seems to have moved on to these systems that are very, very simple to use. They are only one-piece to put on that simply have a pocket to pop an absorbent insert into. Wonderoos are one of the best brands around. They are made of:

  • a soft waterproof outer layer
  • a soft fleece lining to keep baby comfy & dry
  • gently elasticated frilled legs to keep leaks out

Some other brands are secured with velcro but this can be scratch, become worn and even undone by fiddly babies. Wonderoos use small poppers that adjust the height and rise of the nappy.

  • One-size fits all: these nappies are fully adjustable in size so you only need to buy one set that will last from birth to potty training.
  • Super fast drying time: because they have removable inserts the actual nappy is very slim and lightweight and the absobent terry inserts dry separately.

A lot of Mums find pocket nappies the quickest to put on - especially if you pre-stuff them with the terry insert and store ready to put on as one piece. They come in all sorts of colours, funky, cute or natural and starter or full-time kits are available in one handy waterproof bag that can be used as a wet nappy bag. Smallandgreen and many other companies sell a wide range of real nappies such as Wonderoos or you could just do a quick search here on Ebay. To find your way to more information on nappies and lots of other organic and eco-friendly things for babies, click through the links below:

More about real nappies & organic babies.

Click here to buy Wonderoos.

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