Quick Selling Tips Guide for a Beginner / Novice

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First off, I don't claim to be an expert or anything so take these pointers how you see fit.

This information is probably already available, but thought id share my findings over the last few weeks anyway.

Quick Research

Surf the web to get information on your product you can use (or images to sit along side your own).

And search eBay for the product !
Find out what price's they are getting, what postage they charge, what the title looks like etc. If they have done something wrong, fix it and make it your own. Capitalise on their mistakes.

Use the Advanced search on eBay too, and tick the "completed listings" box, it will give you a great idea of how much you can expect to get BUT also give you an idea of when is the best time and day to end your listing. (timing is everything).

Also - Don't have items ending within minutes of someone else's, just bad business, you are probably going to de-value both your products.

Lots of the same product?

Don't list them all at the same time, hold back! Supply and Demand. If you list one at a time, waiting until each finishes, you will find you get a better price. If you get a really good price, send out some second chance's and save yourself listing fees! *

* though from what I see so far, the percentage take up of second chance offers is very very small.


Use every space eBay gives you, up to the last letter or nearest too. If your item is New, say New. In Mint condition? Say it.
The title is what people use to search for your item and it's what will draw them into viewing it whilst browsing categories. Not using every letter available to you is a waste!


Speak a thousand words! Good pictures, and a few of them will help drastically. Only host 1 on eBay though, and put the rest elsewhere such as photobucket and link to them or display them in your auction.


Informative and honest as possible. Lay things out in a readable format. Don't use 8 different colours in size 18 font. Stick to one or two colours, and font size 8 to 12. I tend to put the item title in size 12 and bold at the top and follow with more info size 10.

Then if selling a product where I can get technical spec of the web, I use size 8 for this.


I tend to use the gallery option a lot, if the product is worth/going to sell for more than a pound I will always use the gallery option.

Apart from that, not sure the other features are worth the money unless you are selling a car or very expensive electronic equipment.

Even then, use featured - the bold option seems like the biggest waste of money if you ask me.


If you get asked a question - relevant to your auction, when you answer it, post the answer onto the auction too. Show people there is interest and not only that, someone else might have the same question and it might save you answering it twice.

Block the Fraud

This wont block all the fraudster's and non payers, but it does help a little. Under "My Account" and in "Preferences", you can set "Buyer Requirements" under "Selling Preferences".
Have a look in here and tick the boxes as you see fit. It can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Selling a lot?

Link to your other auctions from within each auction. You can link to the viewing list of what you are selling, or even better, if you are selling a relevant item or something in a different colour - Say so in each and every auction and link between them. Make it easy for people !

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