Quick Tips: Setting up & Running an Ebay Business

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Hints and Tips

Here are some quick tips that you should always follow when setting up and running an eBay business:

* Start with selling something that you know about and/or love doing.

* Research the eBay market in your particular sector as well as on the internet to see what the competition is doing and what is being offered. Find a point of difference that will set you apart from your competitors.

* Be committed to it. It is not easy but it can be extremely rewarding.

* Build up your positive feedback. This is the bedrock of eBay and what sets you apart as a good seller. Excellent customer service = great positive feedback. Never slack on good customer service.

* Always keep track of your competition. Don't just research them once or occasionally. Remember they are looking at you and as your business steams ahead; they are plotting and planning to take over. Half of my eBay time is spent researching competitors and new marketing techniques. 

* Be as transparent as you can with your potential customers. Don't hide costs and describe your items clearly and honestly. Building trust builds business on eBay.

* Don't spend huge amounts of money on stock and setting up. Start small and grow it slowly. The world of eBay can be complex and the best way of discovering this world is by experiencing it. If you plow in with a huge store full of lots of stock and you don’t know about it then you risk falling quickly on your face.

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