Quick easy guide to happy bidding!

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follow these simple steps to grab great bargins on ebay

1. Shop with ebay shops, there are aome fabulous bargains to be had on there! Loads ofgreat brands offer old stock at great prices such as Superdry and Schu!
2. Filter like crazy; the best way to really find what you want is to filter, filter, filter. Select your size, style and colour to help find the fashions that most suit your needs, just when you think you've got it, filter some more.
3. Dont be afraid of bidding and buying second hand! There are some great bargains to grab online if bid on other people's unwanted fashion! Don't be a prude, go for it.
4. Don't be shy, if a seller is advertising one of their items as 'buy it now or best offer' then put in an offer. Never were truer words spoken than 'A shy bairn gets nowt'

Its always great to shop fashion on ebay, there is so much available for your money and there are so many bargains, why buy designer when you can literally buy a wardrobe?! There is such a wide variety of fashion available from tees to dresses to formal or accessories! 

Happy shopping fashionistas 
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