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The Latin name argentum comes from the Greek argos (clear, brilliant). For the medieval alchemists, the colour of silver was the colour of the moon. In alloys with copper and, sometimes, with gold, silver can be used for cutlery or coins, not only for jewellery handcraft.


Silver is relatively soft but heavy. It therefore can be crafted into very fine leaves or threads. It has an extraordinary capacity for light reflection and was therefore used as a mirror before the discovery of glass. If Silver is left in contact with air, however, it generates a matt oxide coat, which has to be cleaned off periodically. Due to its softness, it is necessary to melt in alloys of gold or copper to create durable objects. Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver.

Where is it found?

Silver is relatively easy to find, although typically in small quantities. The most important deposits are in Mexico, from which Silver has been sourced since the Conquista by the Spaniards. Other deposits are in Norway, Bohemia and Germany.

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