Quick guide to memory cards

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A memory card allows you to store lots of information securely.  They can be used in cameras, camcorders, games consoles, mobile phones, MP3 players and other devices.  The data is measured in Gb (Gigabytes), the more memory, the more pictures or other information you can store.

A 7MP camera can store about 586 pictures on a 1GB memory card, but with a 2GB memory card you can store about 1173 pictures.  If you use a digital SLR camera, you may require a faster card to enable you to take quicker pictures in succession and to transfer them to your PC faster.  Your camera or camcorder will have a specific memory card recommended based on its compatibility.

If you are unsure about which memory card is compatible with your device please email the Simply Memory team who will try their best to help recommend which memory card you should buy.

Formats explained:

SD = Secure digital
High storage capacity, ideal for everyday use. Compatible with the Nintendo Wii

CF = Compact Flash
The ability for higher storage capacity at a higher quality

SDHC = Secure Digital High Capacity
Higher capacity than the standard SD cards and can only be used with cameras and camcorders that are compatible with the SDHC cards

XD = eXtreme Digital
It is compact in design and has high storage capacities.  Only used by Fiji and Olympus cameras

Memory Stick
Allow you to store and transfer a multitude of high resolution photos and videos.  The PRO Duo has the additional advantage of compatibility with the PSP and PS3.

For more information please email the simply memory team


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